4 Things To Consider When Wearing Ankle Bracelets

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  1. Give your ankle bracelet choice the same amount of attention you would as if you were choosing a statement necklace. Since they come in various styles (i.e. single or double strand, beads, gemstones, etc.), decide which one works and looks best for you. For the petite ankle, this may mean wearing a one strand chain versus wearing a double strand for fuller ankles.
  2. Since you are drawing attention to your lower extremities, before putting your ankle bracelet (s) on, be sure your ankles and legs are appropriately moisturized. This is part of the appeal. Would you like to see a nice dress on a raggedy mannequin?

Also remember, the metals of our jewelry negatively interact with the lotions and perfumes we use, so be sure to apply the moisturizer first. After doing so, allow ample time to elapse before putting your jewelry on as this helps reduce the oxidation process.

  1. Make sure the anklet allows for ample room to comfortably move about as you walk. You may want to measure your ankle before making your purchase. Remember, there are moving parts (i.e. bones, tendons, muscles, etc.) under the anklet so make sure they are not restricted in any way for your safety. This will also reduce the chances of the anklet breaking.
  2. Wear them during the summer with articles of clothing that help feature the anklet. Items like shorts, skirts, mini-skirts, skorts, capri pants, or bathing suits. Try to avoid wearing shoes with straps. Multiple straps cause the ankle chain to blend in with the shoes as opposed to standing alone. Another popular look would be barefoot at the beach or at a pool party, just make sure it’s safe to do so.

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