5 Tips For Taking Care of Your Costume Jewelry

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 1. Mindset

You spent your hard-earned money to look fabulous so let us help you make it last. First and foremost, have the mindset to want to take care of your jewelry, otherwise tips 2-5 won’t matter.

 2. Keep Your Jewelry Clean

We just can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your pieces free from interacting with the other beauty products we use (i.e. lotions, oils, perfumes, or creams). Do NOT wear your jewelry in the shower. These liquids speed up the process of deposits forming on your jewelry - aka oxidation. To limit the interaction of the aforementioned, apply those items first before you put your jewelry on. Then wait 10-15 minutes to allow your applications to dissipate. This will slow down the chances of your jewelry changing color.

3. Let It Breathe

Ladies we know you want to wear your jewelry every chance you get, but give it a break and take it off from time to time. Also, try not to sleep with your pieces on, especially your earrings. This keeps you from tearing your skin in addition to damaging the jewelry itself.

 Don’t forget that you also sweat so if you know you’re going to be exerting yourself, take off our jewelry. You know that odd smell you get after holding jewelry too long? That’s your body’s oils reacting to the metal (s) of your jewelry. If you absolutely have to sweat with your bling on, keep two soft towels handy; one for the perspiration and the other for your jewelry.

4. Keep It Clean

There are a ton of home remedies (i.e. toothpaste to baking soda), products, and solvents to help you take care of your jewelry. However, different metals require different care techniques. The best advice is to keep a soft cloth handy and wipe it down regularly, and check with a jeweler to get expert advise on how to clean your particular piece.

5. Storage

Try to keep your jewelry away from extreme temperatures of either kind; room temperature is usually best. Keep your items individually in a box or pouch (i.e. cotton, velvet, or satin) out of direct sunlight. You want to avoid having different metals interacting with each other in the same container.

 Lastly, for your larger necklaces try to find a T Stand (Bar) or some other type of jewelry bar. You can purchase these types of displays with varying levels ranging from $10-$30. Follow these 5 tips and you will extend the life of your jewelry.

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