Jewelry Oxidation and Silica Gel

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Not too long ago I wrote a blog dispensing 5 Tips For Taking Care of Your Costume Jewelry (, and in it I touched on oxidation. Today I want to take it a step further and give you another tid-bit on how to make your costume jewelry last.

According to the definition of oxidation is the “deposit that forms on the surface of metal as it oxidizes”, or covers with a coating. In the above blog I stated, “We just can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your pieces free from interacting with the other beauty products we use (i.e. lotions, oils, perfumes, and creams). Do NOT wear your jewelry in the shower. These liquids speed up the process of deposits forming on your jewelry - aka oxidation.”  Another common mistake we overlook when storing our jewelry is mixing it with other metals and jewelry. This is where the properties begin to commingle with each other causing discoloration.

With that being said, we’ve found another way to help combat this process. Do you remember the last time you bought a pair of shoes or a purse, and you tossed out that little white packet that looks like salt? Well it isn’t salt, those are called Silica Gel packets.

Silica Gel is one of the best drying (desiccant) agents we have on the market today because they attract and absorb moisture. When we store our jewelry in velvet pouches, chests, etc., they become damaged by the humidity (moisture) captured inside of their enclosures. Humidity in those spaces turns into condensation which often causes a lot of the oxidation damage when your jewelry has been stored away, especially for long periods of time.

Using Silica Gel is also effective in clothing storage to keep the mildew (condensation) smell at bay. This is the reason there is a slight odor when you receive your products from varying companies who do not use Silica Gel packets. In some cases, the products have been sitting stacked on top of each other in warehouses and transit hubs making condensation easy, especially during the summer months.

Since Silica Gels are designed to attract moisture, when storing your jewelry, make sure the container is sealed as tight as possible. You want to limit pulling in any outside moisture that will ultimately turn into condensation. They also have a plethora of other uses so I consider them to be the baking soda of the storage and shipping worlds.

In conjunction with the tips mentioned in the above blog, we recommend you start keeping those Silica Gel packets when you make a purchase from Luxe Statements or any other company, and place them in your jewelry container (s). Or you can purchase them online from a number of outlets at a reasonable cost. Just be sure to keep them in a safe place out of reach of children, and make sure you do not ingest any of its contents.

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