3 Reasons You Should Let Go of the Old You

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Good Things Want To Come Into Your Life. We all want good things in our lives but we aren’t taught how to obtain them with tangible results. Quite honestly, a good portion of the how to change your life programs are fundamentally flawed because they do not focus on the real way to do so. It starts with YOU and ONLY YOU deciding to make a shift in your consciousness! You ultimately must change the energy on the inside to obtain the desired results on the outside. This is tried and true.

Have you ever known someone who was always happy, joyous, bubbly and who always seems to have great things happening to them? First and foremost, I believe some of these people are born this way, and just as is important, a lot of them were living in environments that fostered their thinking. This gives them a foundation of trust (i.e. in themselves, the process, etc.), confidence, self-esteem, focusing on the good, and everything will work out types of energies.

Unfortunately, a good portion of us were born into environments where this train of thought was probably not at the forefront of our daily lives. For those who weren’t but still have this positive attitude, they made a tremendous change or a commitment in their thinking.

With that being said, most of us are told how hard life will be, it’s too hard to do this, it’s hard to do that, you’ll never do this, and you’ll never do that!  How can good things come into your life with that sort of seeding?! Once your mental ceiling has been capped in your formative years, in most cases, we are almost destined to live out a less than stellar existence because of this poor gardening. Our early dubious seeding is usually the reason for our questionable decision-making until we learn to do better. Thus the told saying, “When you know better you’ll do better”. Parents I beg you, beware of what you teach your children in the womb!

What do you think this world would have been if we were all TAUGHT the “anything can be done” attitude? What CAN this world TRANSFORM into if we promote confidence, open minds, belief, self-esteem, and the proper life planning from the womb into our formative years and beyond?

The point here is whether you were born with a positive attitude or not, you can make a commitment to emptying out the negative, and changing the way you think, so you CAN make way for good to come into your life. For a lot of us, this simply means stop holding on to the negative as if it were good for you. I know it is difficult and the root causes are deep seated, but the only thing that will get you there is making a firm decision to let it go so you can make room.

Whatever safe method (i.e. counseling, yoga, psychiatrist, psycologist, etc.) you use to free yourself is completely up to you – Just do what it takes to get rid of the that negative baggage!

You’ll Feel Better. After some reflection, one of the things I learned about myself that was shocking to me was how I was clinging on to negative experiences as if they were somehow good for me. The reason why is so sad! It’s an accumulation of bad seeding which paved the way for poor decision-making during my early adult life; the consequences were trauma. On a subconscious level I was comfortable with my deeply ingrained bad training and I wasn't ready to let it go – WILLINGLY. Really?!

If you do not release the negativity I can assure you of two things. First, if you decide changing is too tough, and it is tough, you will live your life in a heavy, disconnected, troublesome, depressed and lonely space. Trust me, you don’t want that! Number two, for those of you who have an inkling the universe wants to use you in some way, rest assured there is a debilitating process called the “Dark Night of The Soul” that will remove the baggage with a callous persistence if you do not allow yourself to just let go. I promise you! I can make this guarantee because I experienced the Dark Night of The Soul before I knew what is was called, and it forced me to begin releasing my baggage. It was a painful 20-year lesson for me you can avoid.

Of course, anything that changes too fast isn’t good for you, so there will be a process. I believe if you just try and start on your own to relieve and forgive yourself you will find help along the way, and the process will move along a lot faster. How can good things come to you if your cup runneth over with hurt, pain, and depression? How? Don’t you want to feel better? Do better? Have your cup running over with the things you want? I’m begging you - it’s time to do better!

Having said all of that, once I began to release I almost immediately FELT BETTER! You will have a back and forth battle until you have created a foundation for yourself, but you will get there. Then you will notice things start to go your way. You’ll feel your confidence rising and you’ll be in tune with the inner warrior we are ALL born with.

Get What You Want. This one is easy. Think of those moments in life where things went well even with your baggage? It felt great didn’t it? Now, imagine having emptied out all the dead weight (i.e. guilt, shame, anger, etc.) and attracting more of what you want on a regular basis? That’s what happens when you change your heart’s energy from negative to positive.

Let me wrap this up with this little tid-bit about the human heart you may or may not know. According to HeartMath https://www.heartmath.org/articles-of-the-heart/science-of-the-heart/the-energetic-heart-is-unfolding/

“The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart.’ The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).’

HeartMath studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity.”

Ultimately this means whatever energies, be it positive or negative, you’re holding on to will manifest itself in your reality. So, I ask, what’s in your heart? Should you rewire it?

Think about it!


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