6 Things That MUST Happen Right Before Your Breakthrough

Posted by B. Bolton on

Confusion. Here is where everything you thought you knew, believed, or trusted no longer feels like your truth so you feel lost in the process. You don’t know where to put the little energy you have left because you are paralyzed by indecision.

Chaos. Most, if not all areas in your life are in total disarray. You will find it is usually the main parts of your life that you depend on to be stable (i.e. financially, relationships, job, etc.) for comfort during trouble. It doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong, it is just part of the process. It is a bewildering stage.

Nothing Works. Most things you put your hands to will not and do not work. You will toil hard, plan well, work long hours, come up with what you believe are great ideas, start a business, and they will not produce the fruit you are looking for. This leads to thoughts of woe is me, my luck is bad, I’m cursed, etc. It doesn’t mean they won’t work, you are just out of season.

Tremendous Frustration. It is here we become angry because nothing is working, and we have the potential to make decisions that are detrimental to our future. It is unfortunate most of us are not aware of this important moment, otherwise there'd be more success stories than we could handle. That is why I’m doing my part to make you aware so you don’t fall off course and give up too soon.

You almost quit. In most cases, because of the aforementioned, we quit. It is understandable you feel like things will never change because the chaos, confusion, and frustration has been going on for so long you just settle where you are. PERSEVERE!

Fatigue. Being tired and drained is a result of the other 5 symptoms. It wears you down both physically and emotionally because you’re trying your hardest to reach your goal but it seems insurmountable. 

This PROCESS must happen for you to complete the direction you started. Moments like these toughen you up for your role in bettering mankind, and that is why it lingers on for years. DO. NOT. SETTLE. Soldier on!

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  • Hey, I’m not sure how you came up with this list, but it’s perfect! I hope to God all of this is true, it fits my circumstances. And yes, it has been going on for a few years now. God bless you.

    John E Guillot on

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