8 Signs You Are About To Step Into Your Calling

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  1. You no longer care what people think. Not only do you realize other people’s thoughts of you do not determine who you are, you just don’t really care. You’ll also learn, in most cases, the people speaking negatively about you are currently doing more planned harm to the human population than you ever did during your season (s) of learning. Once you realize this train of thought, it becomes easy to shed the dead weight of caring about what people say.


  1. You understand why you went through the TRIALS. The trials are the most important part of your journey. As painful as they can be, and trust me I know, this part of the process strengthens your mind, body, and spirit. It gets rid of or controls the traits you know keep getting you into trouble (i.e. anger, impatience, rumor-mongering, lust, lying, etc.).


  1. You start correcting the things you always knew you needed to correct. This part comes with maturity because you realize “those traits” are detrimental to you. Once you begin self-correcting those areas, the first things to disappear are anger and depression. It won’t happen overnight, but you will begin to feel the difference. Another important aspect of self-correction is that the governor on your mouth will begin to do its work.


  1. You stop worrying about control. As cliché as it may sound, the moment you let go of wanting to control everything, is the moment the fundamental principles of this universe are set in motion to, at some point, give you your desires. It also supports point number 3 and helps you feel better by relieving you of the burden of trying to control everything. You understand and respect there are principles in place that guide the world we live in.


  1. You realize it’s not all about you. Despite this society’s mantra of “Dog eat dog”, you begin to realize all your experiences are meant to bring you to a healthy place, so you can pass it along to help someone else. 


  1. You start taking better care of your body. This is aligned with point number 3 in that as you begin to understand the importance of providing your body the proper nutrition and exercise, you will begin to feel better.


  1. You re-commit yourself into your work. Let’s be realistic, while you’re going through your trial phase (point number 2), your desire to work at capacity dies. Once you start on the road to points 1-6, it is then you begin to regenerate your motor to fully throw yourself back into your craft with more vigor.


  1. You appreciate your current blessings. As your selfishness subsides you begin to see all the good things you have in your life that you couldn’t, or more truthfully, didn’t want to see while you were indulging in self-pity. You notice the difficulties of others and become immediately thankful that you have what you have, whatever that means to you.


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