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Earlier this week we took a well needed mini vacay to Cachuma Lake in the Santa Ynez Mountains (Hwy 154) in Southern California. It’s about a 2 hour drive from the Los Angeles area, 30 minutes of which is driving down the sunny California coast line. Once you arrive, it's a picturesque scene surrounded by water, trees, and mountains http://countyofsb.org/parks/cachuma.sbc.

I first came to this place 42 years ago while my mother was still pregnant with me, so this isn’t a paid advertisement. For my family and I, Cachuma Lake has become a staple in our lives since our introduction to it.

During our last several visits going back to December of 2016, I’ve noticed a trend of single mothers giving their children the outdoor experience, without the presence of their fathers.

Now, before I go any further, this isn’t about male bashing because there could be a host of reasons why they were missing from these trips to such a beautiful place. So, don’t go giving your baby daddy a hard time after reading this blog 😊.

My only goal is to give tremendous KUDOS and a quick shout out to those women because they get how important it is to give their children this experience. The benefits from giving your kids the outdoor experience lasts a lifetime https://naturalearning.org/sites/default/files/Benefits%20of%20Connecting%20Children%20with%20Nature_InfoSheet.pdf.

As I think back, my brothers and sisters were fortunate enough to have my dad in our lives to show us how to set up a tent, start a fire, fish, and cook while camping. Because of what my father showed my brothers, in my mind, those responsibilities were left for the men to execute.

During our trips, my dad had his role and my mom had hers, so they shared responsibilities. This meant they could take breaks and enjoy the scenery while the other was working. My dad did the “manly” things and my mom executed her “womanly” duties. However, as I age and observe, these progressive women have changed my mind.

They made me realize just how much more they have to do to make the camping trip successful for both the kids and themselves. They have to pay the fees, pack up the vehicle, drive the motor home, unpack the vehicle, set up the tent, start and maintain the fire, feed the kids, take the kids fishing, take the kids swimming and to the bathroom, cook, and wash the dishes. There are no breaks for them! I watched them work non-stop never complaining, while the kids had a noisy rambunctious great time. You go girls!

If you’ve been camping before, you know that showering can be a bit of a hassle. This is another duty I watched these women take on effortlessly. There were five kids and two women, and their precise handling of all five of these BOYS was a site to watch. Girl power at its finest!

My mold of camping has been forever broken. Who says women can’t take the reins and make the camping trip the best ever? Moving forward I'm going to start taking an active role in the camping experience. Again, a super shout out to these bad ass chicks who took the bull by the horns with the next generation in mind. So much so that to the keen observers around them, they forced them to write a blog to highlight their accomplishments to the rest of the world!

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