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A couple of weeks ago, I heard a discourse on serving your way to success. Now, as crazy as this sounds, it’s not something I’d actively thought about up until that point. But, as I swished it around in my mind, I couldn’t arrive at any other conclusion other than it is a truthful one.  I would venture to say serving is exactly where most success emanates from regardless of the industry. More specifically, serving a need will more than likely lead to some semblance of success (insert your definition of success).

Think about it for just a second; consider the advances in technology and medicine and the needs they have filled. I’m not necessarily talking about IPhones and the other wonderful gadgets and doo-dads. I’m talking about robotic limbs for amputees, transplants, disease elimination (some diseases), online classes for people with families, e-commerce platforms, public transportation with wheelchair access, YouTube, etc. All of the things we overlook or take for granted are serving a need.

Speaking of YouTube, in last week’s blog, I mentioned the Ted Talks series in which I am quickly becoming a fan. The brainchild behind this information forum is serving a huge need in terms of dispensing much needed inspiration through self-discovery, healing, and triumph using real life transferable experiences. If you know anything about my blogs, you know that I’m a huge proponent of this kind of thinking.

Quite frankly, the only issue I had with the word serving in my mind was if this was a universal principle or a spiritual one. I’ve decided it’s both; most likely because there isn’t enough time to figure it out on my own. To me it’s kind of like the chicken or the egg thing. In any case, if there were a list of the best principles to produce a healthy soul as well as success, I’m sure serving would be in the top five.

So what am I getting at here? Have you ever considered serving your way to your heart’s desires? For me, I try to serve two needs. The first is to devote myself to lessening the struggles of other people through my experiences and encouragement. I try and do this for willing ears that have found themselves in a confusing and despondent space. It is only when you have reached this level that you are willing to hear the lesson and purpose in the suffering. It is why I started writing this kind of content in our blogs; so be patient with me during my growth.

Second, the other need I attempt to serve is that of convincing others to serve somewhere, somehow. It doesn’t have to be preachy or philosophical, and it doesn’t have to be long-winded. Just do it however it works best for you and see what happens. In the long run, working in a capacity to serve may have benefits that extend far beyond your life time. How great would it be to create a niche that will last for generations?!

Until next week – Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.


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