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Welcome to my first blog - I am so happy you are here.  My name is Lilia Zaragoza and I am the founder of Luxe Statements.  I built this company more than 3 years ago in June of 2014 during my summer vacation.  Those of you who are in the teaching profession as I am, know that summer is a time we look forward to relaxing and doing absolutely nothing outside of our “domestic duties”.  Maybe we book trips with our loved ones or keep ourselves busy with hobbies we’re unable to tend to while at work.  Whatever the case may be, since we work so hard during the year, we usually put off for summer what we feel we can’t do during the school year.

This is what happened with me; I decided to build a business providing luxurious and affordable jewelry (at that time I only sold jewelry) to women at an affordable price.  I was already building a following through my Instagram with flash sales months prior to my site launching.  Once June hit, I started building the website and it went live on the 19th. Running this business brings great joy to me because I love to see the confidence wearing our pieces brings to our customers.  I believe when you look good you feel good. Knowing we are healing and empowering through our products and our blog is extremely rewarding to me. As a woman, I understand a healthy women is a key component to a whole, strong, and successful woman.  And ladies, now more than ever I am finally understanding the importance of this and how damaging being unhealthy can be.

As I began processing my own experiences, I must confess I didn’t realize how much work I needed to do.  Let me tell you why I say this… If you think back to the beginning of Luxe Statements, I didn't really post pictures of myself because I was too insecure. Unfortunately, I lost my confidence through some damaging incidents so taking pictures wasn’t something I wanted to do.  In addition, I have always struggled with body image, comparing myself to others, and felt unattractive so it made showing my face that much harder. I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.  And instead of doing something about it, I ate my emotions away, began to gain weight, and avoided any pictures being taken.

I all but refused to show my face online when promoting our products. I gave myself many reasons as to why I shouldn’t model any of our items, and when I did, I hid behind my sunglasses. I would crop myself out of the majority of the picture in order to focus on the piece I was wearing. But today I decide to say "STOP"! I decided to put the insecurities to the side and love me, my body, my attributes, and my flaws. I decided not to push my feelings to the side but  to listen and work on them instead.  I built this company to inspire and build healthy strong women and it starts with me.

I am moving forward with this new found love and boldness so you will see a lot more of me modeling our products. Let’s not let our insecurities define us, instead let’s overcome and own them. I’ve learned to become my greatest cheerleader instead of my worst critic. A number on the scale isn’t the solution to our happiness - the solution comes from within. These are just some of the reasons Luxe Statements has an inspirational blog.


Having said all of that, you should love yourself too! I want to encourage you to love all that pertains to you; you are beautiful! I invite you to get to the core of your issues so you can drop the dead weight of your baggage. Then you can look at yourself everyday in the mirror and say, “I love myself!” and “I am beautiful!’ … YES YOU ARE! Do not short change yourself from this day forward because you have what it takes to create a new and wonderful you.

Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.

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