5 Things I’d Focus On If I Could Start Over Again

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The following is a condensed heart-felt report based on my 42 years on this amazing planet. This is just some of what I’ve found after peeling back all the layers of our scripted existence of superficial advice, quotes, and the various wonderfully sounding sayings that have minimal bearing on what really happens to us on our journey.

My Passion. Assuming I’m in a free-thinking environment, If I could start all over again, I would start the search for my passion in my childhood years as soon as I was able to formulate cognizant thought! I’d ask tons of questions and try new things until I was satisfied a certain thing was or was not for me.

 I’ve found if you listen to the stories of massively successful people at either point in the food chain (i.e. top, middle, or bottom), a good portion them knew as children or teenagers what they wanted to do with their lives. They had a 10-year head start before they reached adulthood to envision (work) and create the right frequency (vibration), a universal principle, to reach their dream. Potentially, finding what you love to do early in life can help you avoid a 10-15 year window of trial and error - mostly error for some of us.

Just as important is understanding when the rain comes, doing what you love to do makes getting through the difficulties more manageable, versus doing what you have to do. How many people dropped their chase when the pressure increased because they weren’t doing what they loved or were called to do? Especially if God, The Universe, Destiny or whatever your adjective is, has set you aside for a certain mission, you’ll get an entirely different and immensely difficult training program. This is what ultimately gives you satisfaction and a rewarding of your spirit/soul when you reach your destination.

Again, if I could start all over, I’d find my passion or at least do all I can to find what brings joy to me on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Understanding Personalities. This area is one I sorely wished I would have known to understand long before I was thrown into the fire of life. Though there are awesome people in the world, before you get to them, you will have to wade through the sadistic personalities. I wish I would have known how to identify and work around them accordingly. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword because these depraved entities and their callous nature are the ones who help you grow. I’ve talked about this in previous blogs.

If you take some time to reflect on the person, people, or circumstances that cut you to your core, you’ll usually find that was also the situation that give you the most growth and toughened you up. It taught you to listen to your inner guidance system, make better decisions, and to be more responsible for your actions. It had to break you to remake you.

Developing Toughness and Endurance. Knowing early on you will need to know how to persevere and endure is priceless. I would have liked to have been given life-simulating metaphors as a child so that I would have had a clear picture of what to expect on my journey. For if I expect it at some point, it cannot surprise me, and I will have the confidence to maneuver around it successfully. That doesn’t mean to always expect trouble, what it does mean is that I know at some point it will show itself and I will not be taken back with hopelessness because I have prepared for it.

Understanding finances and the financial system. Now this conversation can go a million different ways and we can be here until eternity on this subject, so I will just say this. Do more than just surface homework on the documents your signing, the businesses you're starting, and the financial processes you are undertaking. You will find there is a plethora of information you can wield in your favor if you take the time to learn the nuances of this machine. There’s no other way around it.

Early on, I wish someone would have talked to me about the banking system, saving, investing, real estate, spending, and self-sufficiency. I beg you, please, do your homework. And if you already have, please shine the light for the next woman/man to find their way!

Open Your Box. The capacity of our 3lb brain is so massive it has yet to be understood and is unlimited based on what we currently know. So, why would we do a disservice to its creator by limiting its ability to expand, grow, learn, create, etc. with a single set of non-changing beliefs? How can we fill our roles to better mankind if we only have one way of thinking OUR ENTIRE LIVES? How can we grow? How can we learn? How can we teach? How can we lead?

Life is a process of constant learning so you must be pliable to be successful – whatever you deem that to be. One of the many things I’ve picked up in this regard is the more I learned about human behavior, the more understanding I became of people’s actions. It doesn’t mean I agree with them, I just understand their Motus Operandi, which allows me to drop the dead weight of being judgmental. I do not believe you can be full of judgement and fulfill your earthly role successfully.

What is the point of this if I shoulda coulda woulda blog? The point is to pass along the information to someone else to help them avoid unnecessary people, financial mistakes, trouble, and trauma. Most of our pitfalls come from a lack of knowing. As per the words of the late Dick Gregory, “Knowledge is not power. INFORMATION is power”.

 I believe the right data will noticeably impact the world within a generation. Will you do your part?

Until next time – Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.

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