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Here at Luxe Statements we are truly inspired by the daily support from our loyal customers. But today, I was beyond inspired when I read the following quote in the comments section in one of our previous blogs (

“What a powerful message – and so true. What a journey you had to go through to reach this level of wisdom – congratulations. I wish you to enjoy this wisdom fully and being surrounded by other open-minded people who would appreciate and understand you.”

First and foremost I want to say thank you to this individual. Secondly, I hope adding the above quote does not come off as vain, superficial, or that I am attention seeking. The reason I decided to mention it was because it made me really think about my journey up to this point. This person’s thoughts reiterated how all of our journeys are ultimately dealt to us to HELP and INSPIRE others. That is part of having quality of life – assisting others.

So it is because of this comment I decided to start releasing some of the tools - in this instance a book - that helped me along the way through each phase of learning.

One of the books which helped tremendously in giving me perspective was written by M.E. Thomas (her alias), a clinically diagnosed sociopath. The book was called Confessions of A Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight. The only reason this book caught my attention is because I had the misfortune of being involved with one of these characters several years back. It was the lowest point of my life, which we will cover at some point in a future blog. It was also the best thing to ever happen to me! This experience made me aware of one of my flaws in being too generous with everyone emotionally.

I will not give you a long drawn out dissertation on the symptoms of sociopathy since I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other “ist”. However, I will give you a quote as to the mindset of these people from the above book in a chapter called “Emotions and The Fine Art of Ruining People”. PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN. The author states:

“Ruining people. I love the way the phrase rolls around on my tongue and inside my mouth. Ruining people is delicious. We’re all hungry, empaths (normal people) and sociopaths. We want to consume. Sociopaths are uniformly hungry for power. Power is all that I have really cared about in my life: physical power, the power of being desired or admired, destructive power, knowledge, invisible influence.

I wish I could tell stories of ruining people, but they’re the stories most likely to get me sued – situations that involve police and restraining orders and personal lives derailed.”

I thought this quote was the best way to open your mind to the aftermath of dealing with these kinds of people.

So what is the point of this? The point is, there will be situations and times in your life where you will be lost and unable to pinpoint exactly what has happened to you, and how you feel about it. In a lot of cases we are completely unaware of our actions during these kinds of moments. During this particular time in my life, this book helped me realize what I’d just been through. To this day, I cannot tell you how this book ended up in my hands. Call it fate, the universe, or God; I’m just thankful it happened. Quite frankly, I don’t know what may have become of me if I had not received this unlikely assistance.

It helped me find the cause, which put me on a path to dealing with and overcoming the emotions I was experiencing. Again, it taught me to reign in my desire to be emotionally available to everyone. It has been one of the best lessons I have ever learned. That situation, and others, gave me the confidence to know when and where to love – improving my quality of life!

Lastly, I don’t want you to get the notion this blog post is about trying to identify everyone as a sociopath, although you should be on the lookout for those characteristics to eliminate any unsavory characters from your life. Nor is it about treating everyone you know or meet as suspects.

It’s about how this author – maybe unintentionally – helped me gain insight in order to conquer my situation, so I may help the next person in a similar trial. The aforementioned quote may aid someone in taking better inventory of the people around them. This is also about guarding yourself as well as the trusted and worthy people around you. It’s about making good decisions so you can continue having a good quality of life.

How can we HELP or INSPIRE anyone if we are too damaged to do so? How can we HELP if we have not yet identified and created a plan of action for recovery for ourselves?

Until next Monday – Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.

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