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On Sunday I took an impromptu trip to the mountains in Santa Barbara California, so I first want to apologize for not having this week’s blog up on Monday. Second, I have to say the views were amazing with a crisp but sunny Christmas chill. If you’re ever in California with some time available to enjoy nature, cruise on down Highway 154 to Cachuma Lake just minutes outside of Santa Barbara. You just can’t beat the scenery. Just be sure to bundle up if you’re visiting during the winter months (maybe with one of our triangular scarves … wink wink).

As we were returning home southbound down the 101 freeway, we listened to a radio interview with accomplished Olympic and Alpine Ski Champion Lindsey Vonn promoting her new book – Strong Is The New Beautiful. In this interview, she spoke candidly of women maintaining healthy images of themselves, which I am a huge proponent of.

If you recall, in our first blog https://luxestatements.com/blogs/self-image I talked about how we should be seriously evaluating the type of internal conversation (s) we are having with ourselves. During her interview, Lindsey touched on this topic by talking about her own insecurities with her body, internal battles, and how she DECIDED to overcome them.  She clearly assessed her self-talk, and changed the tune of that discussion to become a champion and the most successful U.S. Skier in history!

What is most amazing about the interview is the way Lindsey changed the personal lives of the callers. One by one, these women called in with tremendous enthusiasm in their voices because they had a chance to thank the person who sparked their DECISION to CHANGE THEIR MIND about themselves. This was a great example of the old saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I was happy to hear the humanity in her voice. The joy these women shared reminded me of the gratitude parents would express when I was an outbound agent selling the children’s reading program Hooked On Phonics (sounds funny, I know). They were so happy there was a PROCESS available to improve their child’s performance and confidence.  

With that being said, let us also remember change doesn’t happen overnight. This means, if you have found some value in today’s blog as well as the link above, be patient with yourself as you begin to change your internal channel. Remind yourself it took years to have your current message downloaded into your database. The good thing is, it doesn’t take years to remove the old message and replace it with a new one that improves your life. I am living proof!

I would also be remiss if I didn’t tell you all that comes along with a changed mind. As much as your life will improve with your new focus on you, there will be anchors who are attached to your old way of thinking. These ballasts will not go willingly into your new life of bliss. The positive here is you will eventually cut the rope on the anchors, and they will eventually be replaced with those who are of like mind.

Your life is yours and that is final! Now when I look back on my journey of change I often ask myself, “What were you thinking about?!” The answer, I wasn’t thinking. My mind was on cruise control for many years I cannot get back. If I were thinking clearly back then, I wouldn’t have waited so long to make the DECISION to change my self-talk, which changed my reality for the better. You can rest assured I am glad I did, because without it there would be no Luxe Statements.

I hope you find value in my cry to better our world! Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.


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