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Have you ever wondered why we keep doing the same unproductive things over and over routinely? Have you wondered why our brain allows us to work in this way? Better yet, how do I go about changing in order to tap into the enormous potential inside, and outside of me?

The answer to the very first question is almost always our comfort zones. Whether good or bad, we stay in areas of thought and action that are comfortable to us. This zone affects our ability to perceive accurately. This becomes an invisible and limiting prison if we do not expand our minds. Our brain will not fight to determine if we should be considering positive or negative concepts. It will simply listen to what you are telling yourself, and work to that conclusion all day, every day.

So now, the most important question is this: What types of conversations have been going on in your head throughout your life? Take some time to really think about this.

All of our lives our minds, views of the world, and experiences have been shaped by the people around us. These individuals may have also had limited views of themselves due to their comfort zone. More than likely, your thoughts of our world were probably formed as kids as early as 5 years old. That is a long time to nurture unwholesome thoughts about you.

If you think back to the people who influenced you, there will almost always be a direct correlation to the things you are currently thinking, saying, and doing. These scenarios have created the discussions we have with ourselves, and for a large portion of people, these are usually negative self-defeating discussions. They become ingrained in us, which makes it difficult to do the work to remove them. Shying away from the difficult work is how comfort zones are formed. That is why we stay in those cycles of action.

I know this to be true because I was raised in an environment of controlled and rigid indoctrination. It is the reason I’ve decided to dedicate my life to creating awareness as to how we are thinking and talking to ourselves.

We become locked into the suggestions and ideas imparted into us, and we automatically lock out other options, information, and beneficial solutions. For example, take the time to do this simple exercise. It demonstrates how easy it is to lock out a different way of doing things based on one set of ASSUMED instructions.

What Roman numeral represents the number ten? The letter X right? Now, what Roman numeral in tandem with X equals nine? That would be IX right? Now how do we go about bringing this down to six? Many people will wreck their brains trying to find a Roman numeral to make the equation equal six. I know this is true because I did. In fact, the last set of instructions did not mention the use of a Roman numeral at all to arrive at the number six. The answer has actually been right in front of you if you were open to thinking outside of your normal box. The answer is to simply add an S in order to arrive at the number SIX.

This is how your brain works. Once you have locked onto the message you have been telling yourself for years, you become oblivious to the wonderful opportunities that are possible for you.

What you MUST do now is CHANGE YOUR MIND if the conversations you are having with yourself need to be updated. It is ok to CHANGE YOUR MIND. It is beneficial to YOU to CHANGE YOUR MIND. Change the way you are talking to yourself. This is essential because your brain computes three things based on your internal conversations. It recognizes the words, it then paints a picture from those words, and then a feeling is linked to the picture and words. This becomes your internal self-image.

Again, your mind is not concerned whether or not your self-talk is good or bad; it will only work to enforce your dominant thoughts of you. Changing your mind will require you to leave your comfort zone, but that is the whole point. Is your comfort zone beneficial to you? Remember I mentioned earlier our comfort zone is the reason we find ourselves doing unproductive things routinely.

It also works dually. If you find yourself living lower than your comfort zone is willing to accept, it will cause you to take action to improve your living standards. On the flip side, if you find yourself living above what you are comfortable with, your mind will cause you to take action to come back down to your comfort level. Also known as self-sabotage.

It is why lottery winners lose hundreds of millions of dollars in less than a year after winning. It’s the reason most people cannot accept compliments without deflecting them – they feel uncomfortable or unworthy.

So what is the answer? There are two. First, you have to DECIDE to change the way you talk to yourself, which in turn paints a positive internal image of you. How do I do this? Whenever you find yourself having a negative internal discussion about you and what is possible, you MUST intercept it! You must then replace it with a positive affirmation about you and what is possible.

The second answer is to raise your comfort level by telling yourself “I am worthy of more. I do deserve more. I am better than that. I will accomplish the goal (s) I have set”.

There’s nothing more powerful than a changed mind. It will allow you to feel better and accomplish more because you are now able to see answers you couldn’t see before. This methodology is a proven documented science! If there is still a bit of skepticism, I implore you to do your own research as well. It will only help you.

As a personal example, I am 41 years old and up until the age of 35 I lived in an unproductive cycle of action based on the limited knowledge given unto me. In the 6 years since, after learning the principles discussed here, I’ve co-created Luxe Statements, written a book, created a tee shirt company, penned a television concept, and I’m just getting started. These things are possible because I DECIDED to change, and you can do it too! I want you to do it!

This is the goal of this blog; to inspire and create powerful human beings who want to positively impact others across the GLOBE! Start changing your self-talk today, do it daily, and be patient with yourself. Watch how your internal world, and the world around you changes for the better.

Our next post will be on Monday 12/19. Feel Good. Look Good. Be Good.

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  • Jana, thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog. It has been a journey of learning I am forever grateful to have had. We appreciate your support and have a great day!

    Lilia on
  • What a powerful message – and so true. What a journey you had to go through to reach this level of wisdom – congratulations. I wish you to enjoy this wisdom fully and being surrounded by other open-minded people who would appreciate and understand you.

    Jana on

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